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Supporting the local aboriginal artists in Australia

Outstations are specialists in the manufacturing of Aboriginal silk and polyester chiffon scarves, printed polyester and silk woven ties, cushions and placemats.


Aboriginal art reveals personal stories and past histories. Australian Aboriginal culture varies throughout the continent and people from different areas. Through our aboriginal souvenirs we try to capture the symbols and meanings from the different ancestral beings, tools, weapons and basketry.


The dreamtime stories and tribal ceremonies are important aspects of aboriginal culture. This has a direct influence on aboriginal art and decorations which are integrated into traditional life and are passed on from one generation to the next.


All our products are licensed. When you purchase one of our products, you are supporting the local aboriginal artists in Australia. We have a range of classic and fashionable accessories that feature the traditional and ever-popular Australian iconic images of kangaroos and koalas. We also have 4 licensed indigenous brands where all royalties are paid to the aboriginal artists, making us the leader in authentic indigenous souvenir accessories.


aboriginal outstation brand


Outstations is authentic, traditional Aboriginal art from the outback, the rainforests and the coasts.


Outstation Artists include:
Margaret Cox,
Biddy Napanangka Timms,
Gladys Napangardi Tasman,
Molly Napurrurla Tasman and
Norman Cox.
aboriginal Yijan brand


Yijan Aboriginal artists are the keepers of the Dreaming. Their art tells the true story of the land where they were born and the ancient ceremonies of their ancestors.


Yijan Artists include: Gordon Landsen Millyindirri,
Isaiah Nagurrgurrba,
and Maureen Hudson Nampajimpa.
aboriginal Address Australia brand


Address Australia is the image of Australia Aboriginal brand with our unique wildlife, such as the kangaroos and koalas.


Address Australia Artists include:
Lyndall Ashley.
aboriginal Utopia Dreaming brand


Utopia Dreaming features modern contemporary indigenous designs which have been used to create a beautiful high-end range of pure silk scarves.


Utopia Dreaming Artists include:
Betty Mbitjana,
Jeannie Petyarre,
Joy Nangala Brown and
Margaret Napangardi Brown.